Sunday, 23 September 2012

Thank God Not Everyone Is Uptight About Religion

Enough already with the pictures of people protesting insults to their religion.

While I have been concerned for a few years now about the Hindu right wing that threatens to be India's saffron Taliban, it's good to see that mainstream Hindus can take their religion with a chuckle. For some strange reason, most of the humour is centred around Lord Ganesh. I'm sure Vishnu and Shiva can take a joke or two in their stride, although I'm not sure about the goddesses. You know what they say about women and a sense of humour... (ducks projectile)

Here are some popular images of Lord Ganesh in recent times:

Indian cricket is certainly in need of divine intervention...

All thanks for starting that IT revolution, my Lord.

And don't miss the intelligent mouse

This one might spark some protests ... by Marvel Comics

Oh, and don't forget the merchandising (elephants never do).

You can order these online. No, I don't get a cut :-(.

Have you heard the one about the practice of visarjan (immersion of the idol in a nearby body of water at the end of the annual Ganesh festival)?

A Christian, a Muslim and a Hindu are in a boat at sea when a violent storm breaks out and the boat is in danger of capsizing.
The Christian calls out, "O Lord Jesus, save me!"
Jesus promptly appears and rescues the Christian.
The Muslim then cries out, "O Prophet Mohammed, please save me!"
The Prophet Mohammed appears and saves the Muslim.
The Hindu is now the only one left on the boat. He too cries out in terror, "O Lord Ganesh, please save me!"
Lord Ganesh appears and tells the Hindu, "Every year, you drown me. Now you drown!"

Another one:

A Western expatriate teacher at an international school offers a cash reward to the child who can name the greatest man who ever lived.
'Buddha?' says a Buddhist.
'The prophet?' says a Muslim.
'Jesus?' says a Hindu.
The teacher hands the money to the Hindu, who says: 'Thanks, Miss. Actually, the right answer is Krishna, but business is business.'

Ah, what would religion be without the jokes? Everybody should watch the Seinfeld episode "The Yada Yada" about how dentist Tim Whatley converted to Judaism just so he could tell Jewish jokes without being accused of anti-Semitism.

Jerry: I have a suspicion that he [Dr. Whatley] has converted to Judaism purely for the jokes
Priest: And this offends you as a Jewish person?
Jerry: No, it offends me as a comedian!

Personally, although I would very much prefer to see a world without religion, I could settle for one where the religious were able to laugh at themselves instead of taking offence at the drop of a hat.
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