Thursday, 12 March 2020

The Progressive Side Of Soviet Revolutionary Art

Say what you will about the evils of communism, there was an undeniable progressiveness about the professed ideals of the movement that resonate with me to this day.

Here's a selection of my favourite Soviet revolutionary posters. They make one's heart swell with idealism. Tell me if you disagree.

(Click on a picture to expand.)

Poster exhorting youth to study
("The challenge is to study!")

"Glory to Soviet students!"

"All roads are open - Choose!"
(The textbooks shown are those of physics, literature, history, mathematics, social sciences and chemistry)

Notice how boys and girls are treated equally.

"I will be a chemist!" A girl and her teacher

The romance of rockets and space exploration

Role model Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space
("Glory to the first cosmonaut Gagarin!")

Catch 'em young - Children with a rocket
("Happy New Year, guys!")

"The rocket models made by students lead to real ones"
(Note the cool space station in the background)

More on the "Space is cool" theme - Youth and rockets
("In the 20th century, rockets rush to the stars, trains leave for the land of exploits")

International Women's Day

Women of the revolution, including an engineer and a farmer

The ideal communist says "Nyet!" to alcohol

Religion - The little girl is stretching her arm towards school ("Shkola"), while the old babushka is pulling her by the hair towards the church