Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Clinton as Obama's running mate? A very, very bad idea!

I had a cordial dislike of Hillary Clinton at the start of the Democratic primary season, because I felt she exuded the schoolmarmish attitude of telling people what was good for them instead of treating them as adults.

As the campaign progressed however, my dislike turned to outright loathing. She is the consummate political snake, capable of every dirty trick in the book in order to succeed. She is representative of the very system that Obama promises to change. Putting her on the ticket defeats that purpose from the get-go. Foxes and chicken coops.

Plus, given Clinton's tasteless comment on RFK, and her "openness" to being Obama's VP, it's fairly transparent that she hopes to be President some day through the back door, so to speak, since the Vice-President is automatically sworn in as CEO if anything happens to the President. In fact, her behaviour during this campaign leads me to think she may not be above doing him in herself.

No, Barack! Don't do it. Take my earlier advice and go for Gore. It's better for the environment, yours and ours.