Sunday, 12 February 2012

IIT Alumni Association Picnic - Sydney - 12 Feb 2012

The IIT Alumni Association in Sydney (officially called the IITians Association of Australia) had a picnic on Sunday the 12th February 2012. This was at Bobbin Head in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

The organisers had booked a nice covered area called the Pavillion within the Park, very close to the Bobbin Inn.

The Pavillion can easily hold 30 to 40 people

The scenery around the park is excellent.

Fishing in the creek

Amusement area for kids

Initially, we just spent time milling around and chatting in small informal groups.

Later on, there was food, of course. A great variety, since every family had brought a dish or two. Most of the dishes were also vegetarian.

No get-together would be complete without some music. IITians and their families sang with abandon.

We had remembered to bring a bicycle along to the picnic.

Ostensibly, this was for my son to ride in the park.

But I could hardly resist the temptation to take it for a spin myself.

I obeyed the sign and took a second round ;-)

The National Park provided a glimpse of some wildlife as well.

An iguana on a tree

A family of ducks

The ducks take a stroll

Someone was feeding the ducks, which got them to overcome their shyness and approach

Then there was a group photograph.

Someone actually held up a tablet to take a photo.

That concluded the picnic. We had excellent sunny weather right until 1600, when the picnic officially ended and everyone packed up to leave. Right after we began to drive away from the site, the heavens opened up to an extraordinarily heavy downpour. It was as if the weather gods had done the IITAA a favour and refrained from ruining our picnic.

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