Saturday, 18 August 2012

Readings for a Deeper Understanding of Indian Civilisation

Growing up in India and learning Indian history through textbooks may not have educated Indians about their own civilisation to the extent they may imagine.

In recent times, many writers have challenged the narrative from the textbooks of our youth and brought up several new, thought-provoking ideas. Here is a selection of the ones that I have found most interesting. I daresay any educated Indian will have a mind-altering experience after reading all of these.

On the neglected aspects of Indian history - The Kaipullai's Vetti Thoughts

On the neglected influence of caste in how Indians (and Pakistanis) behave - Aakar Patel

On the toll taken by a history of invasion - Cinemarasik's opinion

On how "Western Universalism" makes non-Western cultures seem quaint - Rajiv Malhotra

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