Sunday, 7 April 2013

Why Adnan Sami's Weight Loss Is Inspirational

Adnan Sami is a man of as many nationalities as talents, it would seem. The singer, pianist, composer and actor is apparently a Canadian national born in the UK to a Pakistani father and Indian mother. He now lives in Mumbai and works in the Bollywood music industry. By all accounts, his talents are prodigious. His Wikipedia entry reads like a glowing résumé.

For those who have been following his career in recent times, one of the most dramatic elements of the man's life surely concerns his almost unbelievable weight loss, taking him from a gargantuan 230 kilos to a much more human 85 kilos.

Adnan Sami at his...apogee (Somehow, nothing but an astronomical term seems appropriate)

Now the man has become so trim and good-looking, he could be mistaken for Robert Downey, Jr.

"Wow, that's amazing!"
"No, you idiot! That is Robert Downey, Jr."

This is Adnan Sami, looking like Robert Downey, Jr.

Lots of people have lost weight dramatically before - celebrities as well as ordinary people. What makes Sami's story particularly inspirational (to me, at least) is the change in his attitude immediately preceding his determination to lose weight. As he relates it,

I was in terrible pain and couldn't bear it any more, so I told my father, 'I have lived my life to the fullest. If I die today, I will have no regrets.' Dad looked at me and said that he couldn't believe he was talking to a fighter. I told him things were beyond my control. He gave me a lecture and said I should think my way out of this instead of giving up. His verbal kick in the butt worked and I went abroad [to begin the weight loss program].

This resonates with me for a reason. One of the core elements of my character, which I think may be a double-edged sword, is that I am constantly and immensely grateful for the life I have. If my life were to end today, any wistful sense of unfinished business would, I suspect, be overshadowed by the feeling of gratitude that I was able to live such a good life at all. Adnan Sami's narrative is a kick in the butt for me too. Great as my life has been, it's up to me to make it even greater. And this goes for every one of us. We must try to live long, stay healthy, and contribute to our utmost potential.

Why should we? Just listen to Adnan Sami's music today and imagine if he hadn't had the will to live again to produce it!

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