Saturday, 29 March 2008

Earth Hour Observed

We did a small bit for the environment today by observing Earth Hour. We turned off all the lights in the house, shut down the computers, then the whole family took an hour-long walk between 2000 and 2100 tonight. Most houses on the street in our suburb were dark, but a surprising number had their lights on, so it would say Earth Hour wasn't a total success.

We'll know over the next couple of days whether there was a significant reduction in power consumption this year. I remember that last year was quite significant, and it sent a strong message to John Howard that the Australian population in general wasn't as skeptical about climate change as he was.

I wonder whether Earth Hour does anything real and lasting or whether it is mere tokenism. I know that it raises awareness of climate change and what we could be doing to fight it, and that is no bad thing. But does it do anything more?

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