Saturday, 9 March 2013

Those Delightfully Wicked Nestle Yogurt Ads

Last week, my Yoga teacher brought an electronic chime to class, and it had the nice, light sound of a meditation bell.

That literally rang a bell for me.

I remembered the Australian ads for Nestlé Yogurt from about a decade ago. They feature Bruno Xavier as an Indian guru, with a strong ethnic accent and mouthing stereotypical phrases ("Your body is like a temple"). The thin-skinned might take offence at all this, but I thought it was good fun.

There were four ads in the series, each with a particular take-off on the Indian guru theme. Here they are:

"Your body is a temple"

"When you practise the Yoga daily..."

"And if you want to know the meaning of life..."

Some Yoga teacher - struggling to bend!

Nostalgia, yum!

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