Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Startup Culture Meets Legalese

I received an email today from someone who works at a startup. This is what his email signature said:

       C      O
      NFI    DEN
      TIA   L i
      nfo  rma
      tion in
    only for t      he addressee(s).
  If you are not the intended recipient, empl
 oyee or agent responsible for delivery to the
  intended recipient(s), please be aware that
   any review, dissemination, use,distribut
     ion or copying of this message and its
       contents is strictly prohibited. If
      you receive this email in error, ple
    ase notify the sender and destroy any
   paper or           electronic copies    immediately.

Startup culture infects even legalese, I'm happy to see. Happy Easter :-)

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