Saturday, 17 January 2009

Unit Pricing Cuts Both Ways

I wrote glowingly of Woolworths's Unit Pricing scheme just days ago, and today I was pleased to see that ALDI's also has it. As an exercise, I decided to compare the unit prices of items on my grocery list, and this is the result:

Item ALDI's Woolworths
---- ------ ----------
Light milk $1.40/litre $2.63/litre
Wholemeal bread $0.28/100g $0.59/100g
Free range eggs $0.69/100g $0.72/100g
Low fat yoghurt $0.47/100g $0.59/100g
Honey (squeezable pack) $0.60/100g $1.00/100g
Cranberry juice $2.79/litre $3.86/litre
Carrots $1.25/kg $1.29/kg
Beans $7.00/kg $2.98/kg
Cashews $1.74/100g $1.86/100g
Kitchen towels $0.75/roll $0.95/roll
Vit B (Benifex/Berocca) $0.35/unit $0.50/unit
--- added 25/01/2009 ---
Pesto $1.53/100g $2.16/100g
Toilet tissue $0.50/roll (6 pack) $0.41/roll (9 pack)
Green seedless grapes $2.00/kg $3.86/kg
Garlic $3.38/kg $10.98/kg
Frozen stir-fry veges $5.78/kg $6.24/kg

I always knew that Woolworths was more expensive than ALDI's, but this was a real eye-opener. ALDI's has fewer brands, but they're cheaper than even the most inexpensive brands at Woolworths. Green beans are probably the only exception. It'd be very hard for me to justify a trip to Woolworths when ALDI's is open. Sorry, Woolworths.

I'll add to this list as I compare more items.

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