Friday, 24 October 2008

Separated at Birth - 1

Twins, separated at birth, both associated with humour and depression. One attained renown as a comedian who struggled with personal depression that found expression in his trademark brand of humour, and the other has now unwittingly become a laughing stock whose past actions (and inaction) now threaten to bring on a severe recession, possibly even a Great Depression.

I give you Woody Allen and Alan Greenspan!

[Incidentally, I don't believe that the entire concept of the "free market" has been repudiated, only one definition of the word "free" in the term "free market". Once again, let me harp on my distinction between "free" as in a lack of controls, and "free" as in protection from the acts of others (i.e., a liquid market with no player large enough to impact the market by themselves). A truly liquid market would not be suffering from the failures of a few players, as has happened in our oligopolistic system with no effective controls on their behaviour.]

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